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Booking Info: (901) 604-5939
Neon Velvet Band offers high powered music for all occasions. We are very easy to work with and love playing main stage events and festivals. Let us liven up your corporate events and private parties. We can offer sound and lighting systems for those events at additional charges. Contact us at the above number for professional pricing and quotes.

Sarah Tinkler and Kim Davis the queens of the microphone. Harmonies and dance are their specialty. They love to get people on the dance floor and keep them out there.

Joel Leterneau:
Drums/ Percussion/Background Vocals

Joel Leterneau

Born in Detroit Michigan, has his roots in classic rock n roll. He was rockin clubs, festivals, and events as a member of the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians.

He is also a master of vintage Honky Tonk and rockabilly drumming. If you need a "JOLT" of rock n roll, this is your man.

Joe Phelan is a lifelong Memphian who has played guitar and bass with many bands in the Memphis area for over 40 years. His musical background includes the big band sounds of the 30's and 40's, the rock and roll of the Sun era, the rockabilly hits of the 50's, the classic rock of the 60's and 70's, Stax and Motown favorites, as well as a variety of other musical styles.

He was able to play music consistently through the years even though he worked full time as a Deputy Clerk in Federal Court and a Paralegal for the Federal Defender in Memphis. Since he has been retired for a few years, he has been able to devote even more time to playing music.

He is excited about the musicians and singer in Neon Velvet and many of the current songs the group will be playing.

Joe Phelan:
Bass/Guitar/Lead Vocals/Background Vocals

M. Britt Spears:
Keyboards/Lead Vocals/Background Vocals

Britt has played around the Memphis area for over 30 years. He has jammed with some famous and not so famous people. Among some of the more notable bands he's played with are: Fatman and the Maniacs; Mimi and the BluesRockers; Razen Cane

When not playing music, Britt is a provider of artificial limbs and braces. He is a Prosthetist Orthotist and a fellow of The American Academy of Orthotist and Prosthetist. He owns his own business: Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics/Rehab Services in Memphis, TN.

**Note** That's Honolulu, HI in the background!! Britt says that's the most beautiful place on Earth!!
Booking Information: (901) 604-5939
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